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Hot Banana Studio

I can work anywhere, but this is my base.

Story by Philip Quinton November 29th, 2015

My space

I love recording at different locations on all kinds of projects, but having my own space allows me to create and manipulate sound.

Sometimes filmmakers come here to add new sounds to their movies, or bring actors here to re-record clean dialogue and rebuild the sound when there have been noise problems on the location recording. Filmmakers also come to me to re-edit and clean up problematic recordings, particularly independent filmmakers striving for excellent production standards on a tight budget. Sometimes there are unwanted sounds on the best takes that need removing. I do that. I can take on the sound edit for an entire feature film and polish it up from start to finish.

Directors occasionally bring musicians here to produce original music for their films. I can also work with composers to find better sounds and enhance the mix from their original stems and MIDI files.


Tuesday's mask

This short film directed by Marielle & Simon Birks was recorded in a forest and on a beach with a lot of wind rumble and with the noise from the waves across the pebbles almost drowning the dialogue. I fixed it. It was also recorded entirely in mono so I visited a beach at night and a remote woodland and re-recorded the background atmos for the scenes in stereo.

I was subsequently asked to finish the mix with some more creative sound design. Inspired by the enchanting score from composer Paige Lehnert I layered and blended shifting combinations of effects and manipulated elements from the location recordings to merge the production sound with the music.

Hot Banana Studio, Abbey Road, Aylesbury, United Kingdom